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A Christian woman in western Nepal was attacked recently for spreading her “foreign” religion. ‘Jaya,’ an evangelist who has led 32 people to Christ in the past two years, was beaten by nearly 20 Hindu women and then kicked out of her village.

Her father is said to have taken part in the beating.

Jaya is currently in the care of her pastor, and VOM will soon be moving her to a safe house where she can heal from her wounds.

Source: Voice of the Martyrs USA

Prayer Points

  • Ask the Lord to fully heal Jaya both physically and emotionally; ask Him to remove all fear from her mind and give her the ability to love and forgive her persecutors.
  • Thank the Lord for Jaya’s faithfulness and obedience; pray He will strengthen the faith of the believers she has led to Christ.
  • Ask the Lord to pour out His mercy on the perpetrators so they too may come to repent and believe.