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While living with her high-caste Hindu aunt and cousin, seventeen-year-old Shanti, a Christian, developed a passion for leading others into a deeper walk with Christ.

Shanti led youth groups and women’s groups and regularly visited believers at their homes.

During these visits, she spent time with Dalit believers, who are from the lowest Hindu caste.

After her cousin, a respected teacher in the village, learned of her visits to the ‘untouchables’ late last year, he repeatedly beat her and eventually forced her out of the home. Shanti’s aunt did not defend her.

Since then, Shanti’s pastor has let her live at the church.

Source: iCommitToPray

Please Pray

  • Pray that Shanti grows in her faith and that she can continue leading her small groups.
  • Pray for the provision of Shanti’s needs and for a place of her own to live.
  • Pray that Shanti’s cousin and aunt will come to know Christ.