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17-B-BannerNewLifeThirteen Three sponsors Bible college students who live in restricted countries. Our desire is to see the Gospel spread in these areas. Therefore, it is vital to invest in the next generation of leaders whom God is equipping to be His instruments for this purpose.

Agus is one such student. He has decided to go to Bible college to become better equipped to evangelise with the Gospel. Agus’ background is not typical of most Bible college students: he grew up in a broken, abusive, Muslim home and, as a teenager, got involved in the drug scene as a way to escape. Agus’ conversion, just like all conversions, is a miracle and is featured in our next newsletter. Subscribe {link} to find out how God transformed Agus’ life.

Now that Agus is a Christian, he desperately wants to see other Muslims convert to Christianity. He frequently evangelises them. Because of this, Agus is verbally abused and at times even beaten.

Agus wants to grow in his knowledge of Christianity and better equip himself to be an effective evangelist.

Join us in praying for Agus. Ask the Lord to grant him many opportunities to speak the Gospel and pray he will continue to grow in faith and love for the Lord.

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