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A VOM partner ministry worked with 144 evangelists in Niger last year, providing discipleship training and opportunities to help them support themselves.

The evangelists then visited communities throughout the country, sharing the Gospel and teaching people about Jesus.

As those hearing the Gospel began to place their faith in Christ, some were threatened or expelled from their families. One Christian worker, however, said the persecution also had a positive effect. “Persecution became fertiliser for the spread of the Gospel,” he said.

In places where there was strong persecution, the evangelists observed more eagerness among the new believers to apply biblical principles to their lives. In some places, their dedication even made communities more accepting of Christians. “Extending discipleship to the persecuted will bring about a stronger church,” the Christian worker said.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Thank the Lord for working through these courageous believers. Pray that God will multiply their efforts.
  • Thank Him for turning opposition, difficulties and suffering into light and spiritual life.
  • Pray for the growth and spiritual maturity of new believers.

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