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After attending a VOM-led training session with her husband, ‘Christina Saleh’ has begun to meet with women in four villages, teaching Christians and witnessing to Muslims.

Before attending the training session, Christina had been afraid to openly share the Gospel. Muslim women had frightened her by showing her the graves of missionaries, and some vendors in the local market had stopped accepting her money when they learned she was a believer. But Christina gained encouragement from sessions on evangelism and church planting, and she praises God for the new method of sharing the Gospel that she learned during the training.

The training session, which included more than 100 pastors and evangelists along with their wives, offered courses in Bible storytelling, church planting and worship with traditional instruments, among other topics.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Thank the Lord for the opportunity Christina had to attend the training session. Pray for all others who attended, may they experience a similar boldness.
  • Pray the Lord’s favour will be upon Christina and other evangelists and teachers in Niger, may they receive many opportunities to boldly share the Gospel and may they rejoice as they see the Holy Spirit at work.
  • Pray the local church will grow in love for one another and faithfulness to the Lord.