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Halima is just six years old. Her father, Adod, recently left Islam for Christianity and his wife and daughter joined him in embracing this new faith in Christ. Adod’s family were outraged. They forced Adod’s wife to leave him, marry a Muslim and reconvert.

Halima was forced to accompany her mother to the home of her new stepfather. Halima’s life in her new home was not a happy one and was potentially dangerous for her. Labelled as a kafir or heretic, she was extremely vulnerable to abuse of every kind.

Adod feared for Halima’s welfare and so, at great risk, he took her from her stepfather’s house. Legally Adod was entitled to take custody of Halima, but his family were very unhappy about it.

At first Adod arranged for Halima to stay at the home of a pastor. However, the pastor’s life was threatened for sheltering her. Needing to find her a place, Adod brought her to one of our ministry partners, Christian Faith Ministries (CFM). At CFM’s Children’s Crisis Care home, Halima is receiving care in a nurturing Christian environment, as well as an education. She also sees much of her father who is studying at CFM’s Bible school.

Voice of the Martyrs partners with CFM to provide care for vulnerable children including those displaced by violence. This year, we hope to bless children like Halima with a Christmas Care pack.

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