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Gunmen entered the village of Manjakwa in the Hawul local government area of Borno state and ordered residents either to embrace Islam or be killed.

The insurgents were said to have invaded Shaffa and Tesan Aledeh, which are predominantly Christian communities, on Wednesday evening, 10 September. Before they left unchallenged, they vowed to return if their ultimatum was not met, and killed two retired army officers and an ex-policeman.

Meanwhile, it has been five months since more than 270 schoolgirls found themselves in the clutches of the Islamist militants. Their abduction sparked global outrage and a huge campaign calling for their rescue.

In the first days after the abduction, 57 of the girls reportedly managed to escape from their captors but the remainder are still being held, despite the efforts of the Nigerian government and other international forces including the US, Canada, France, the UK and Israel.

Tragically, at least 11 parents of the kidnapped girls have been killed by militants or died of illness.

More than 2100 people are reported to have been killed by Boko Haram since the girls were taken.

Sources: The World Post, Release International, Punch

Prayer Points

  • Please pray for protection for vulnerable Christian communities in northern Nigeria, especially villages in the Hawul area.
  • Pray the Lord will end the torment suffered by the kidnap victims; pray they will be restored to their families.
  • Pray for an end to the violence being perpetrated across northern Nigeria by Boko Haram and other militants.