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One Christian Chibok girl escaped from Boko Haram about two weeks ago, eventually finding herself in the hands of the joint task force assigned to defeat the terrorist group.

While in military custody, she explained to them that most of the girls were forced into marriage and conversion to Islam, while others were either shot or beheaded.

According to her, there are about 59 girls left in the main camp.

While imprisoned by Boko Haram, she was raped repeatedly, impregnated, and contracted venereal diseases. According to her, Boko Haram is in disarray, aimlessly moving around the region, leaving IEDs and other explosives behind in order to slow down the military’s efforts.

The Chibok girls have been missing since their abduction in April of 2014.

Sources: International Christian Concern, All Africa

Prayer Points

  •  Pray for the Christian girl’s speedy recovery during this time of transition, pray too that she may return home to her community who will love her and support as she attempts to overcome her ordeal.
  • Pray the Lord will minister to her and the remaining captives to give them strength, hope and a real knowledge of His presence.
  • Pray that God will continue to bring division and disarray amongst Boko Haram and that they will be brought to justice for their crimes against Nigeria’s people.

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