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When Idara a former Fulani Muslim converted from Islam to Christianity, his in-laws removed his wife and daughter from his home and married his wife to a Muslim.

Being concerned for her safety and wellbeing and wanting her to be raised as a Christian, he removed his daughter, Alero from the new family situation. He brought her to a Christian school to be educated at the same VOM partner mission where he was receiving Bible

training. Alero continued at the school for almost three years.

Alero’s mother began a custody dispute and recently, policemen arrived to collect her and return her to her mother in another state. The family initially promised Alero would continue her education but this is doubtful as she had arrived at the Christian school at seven years of age; never having been to school before. Alero wept as she was taken, she loved school, was very happy there and was doing very well.

VOM partners are concerned for her wellbeing, Alero is 10 years old; an age when some girls in Nigeria’s northeast are married. The family refuse to provide any further news.

Please pray for her welfare.

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