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When Idara converted from Islam to Christianity, his in-laws removed his wife and daughter from his home and married his wife to a Muslim.

Feeling despondent about his loss but determined to stay faithful to the Lord he had come to know, he started to attend Bible school at a VOM partner ministry centre in Jos.

Idara loves his daughter Alero and was concerned for her safety and wellbeing in her new family situation, so he travelled to meet with his former wife and legally arranged to obtain custody of his daughter.

Source: VOM Ministry partners

Alero was cared for by Idara’s pastor and his wife while Idara continued at the Bible school. However, Idara started to receive death threats from the local Muslim community on account of his daughter, so Idara brought Alero to the school at the same ministry centre, so that he could see her and care for her each day.

Last week, two police officers arrived at the ministry centre, demanding that Alero be surrendered to them. They stated that that Alero’s mother had claimed that she had been subjected to severe abuse.

One of the leaders at the centre produced documents confirming that Idara had given permission for Alera to attend the school; he then produced documents from social services confirming inspections of the school’s facilities. Lastly, Alera was presented to them, looking healthy and well.

Police are continuing their investigations in what is essentially a custody dispute between the local Muslim community and Alero’s Christian father and whether she should be raised as a Muslim or a Christian.

Alero is now living with her father until the dispute is resolved. Both she and her father are keen for her to return to school for the sake of her safety and to continue her Christian education.

Let us pray.

  • Please pray for Alero’s protection, she is at risk of being kidnapped and returned to the local Muslim community.
  • Pray the case will soon be resolved and that she will be able to return to the ministry centre to continue her Christian education.
  • Ask the Lord to grant Idara wisdom as he cares for his daughter and continues in his own faith journey, despite the opposition. Pray for his wife and other family members.