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Human rights organisations monitoring the ongoing violence taking place against Christians in Nigeria are now raising concerns of an imminent genocide.

More than 50 believers have been killed in the month of March and over a dozen more during the first week of April. Since the beginning of 2020, at least 410 Christians have been murdered. Most of the violence was perpetrated by jihadist Fulani militants.

In one recent incident, the predominantly Christian village of Ancha had its eighth attack in three years on 31 March. According to one witness, militants entered the village during the night, then began shooting and burning houses. Three victims were slain in that attack.

“We are in great distress here,” laments Ishaya, a Christian survivor. The next day, the village of Hukke was also raided. Seven Christians were killed and 24 houses were destroyed. Various other villages were invaded on the same day.

Sources: Intersociety-NG, International Christian Concern, The Christian Post, Morning Star News

  • Intercede for Nigerian believers who are under the threat of relentless attacks.
  • Ask for God’s intervention in the midst of this turmoil and for His presence to provide comfort and provision for those affected.
  • Pray for the governing authorities who need wisdom as they attempt to restrain these militants from causing further suffering, destruction, and loss of life.

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