In a video released on 26 December, ISIS shows the murder of eleven Christians, claiming that it was committed in retaliation for the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the ISIS leader who died during a raid in Syria by US special forces in October.

In the video, which has Arabic subtitles, eleven men with their heads covered are shown. The first is shot to death, followed by the beheadings of the other ten. The producers of the video claim that all of the slain victims had been captured in Nigeria’s Borno State in recent weeks. The voice-over commentary contained the following announcement: “This message is to the Christians in the world. Those you see are Christians and we will shed their blood as revenge.”

A previously recorded video was also recently released featuring eleven Christians who had been taken captive, leading to speculation that these may be the same men. In the earlier video, the men pled for intervention by the Nigerian government and the Christian Association of Nigeria. At the time, they claimed that Leah Sharibu was still alive and with them.

Sources: BBC, National Post, Aljazeera, Release International

  • Pray for those in fear for the fate of their captured loved ones. Intercede for the victims who remain in captivity.
  • Ask God to grant the country’s authorities wisdom, assistance, and guidance in their attempts to stop the rampant violence in Nigeria.
  • Ask the Lord to intervene in the lives of the perpetrators to bring radical repentance and transformation, by the work of His Spirit.

Post your prayer in the comments below.

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Sonny Le
Sonny Le

God has considered these men worthy to join the ranks of all the martyrs who came before them in history. May revival come through their sacrifice. Amen


Indeed Father please bring repentance and faith to these lands by pouring out your Spirit upon them and granting salvation to those who call upon your name.


Oh Lord, how long? We humbly bow before you; we cry out to you almighty Father and ask for your mercy on these believers and their lands as they seem to suffer continually at the hands of Muslim marauders and persecutors. We look forward to when all things will be made new and there will be no more crying or death or suffering! (Revelation 21) Hear our prayer again especially for the leaders and peoples of Nigeria and those who embrace a spirit of violence and cruelty. May your Holy Spirit work powerfully within and bring great progress for the… Read more »