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An evangelist visiting family members in Bauchi Sate was severely beaten recently and left for dead by Muslim villagers.

Adamu was raised as a Muslim but placed his faith in Christ after hearing the Gospel on the radio. Since then, he has been sharing the Gospel with members of the Fulani tribe, who are traditionally Muslim nomadic herdsmen.

Adamu often visited his uncle in Bauchi State, and on one such visit he led a young woman to the Lord. When her family threatened her for becoming a Christian, Adamu helped her move into a safe house in another city. Then, after her family learned that Adamu had helped her, they came after Adamu one evening while he was visiting his uncle. The woman’s family members and other villagers beat Adamu and a friend so badly that they lost consciousness. Adamu has since undergone numerous surgeries, and his injuries prevent him from talking.

Militant Muslim Fulani herdsmen have become the leading persecutors of Christians in Nigeria, but in the midst of their repeated attacks on Christian villages, Fulani people are simultaneously coming to faith in unprecedented numbers.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Thank the Lord for Adamu’s faithfulness in sharing the Gospel. Pray the Lord will continue to bear much fruit through his efforts and other evangelists who are trying to reach the Fulani people.
  • Pray for Adamu’s complete healing. Pray this recent trial may not be in vain but may be used by the Lord to further embolden him further.
  • Ask the Lord to protect the young woman Adamu led to Christ. Pray too for Adamu’s attackers.

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