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In April, Boko Haram seized control of 42 communities in eastern Niger State, hoisting its flag a mere two-hour drive from Abuja, Nigeria’s federal capital. Today, Boko Haram controls some 500 communities in eastern Niger.

Residents, both Muslim and Christian, have been ordered to defer to them for all dispute resolutions; replace secular education with Islamic education, and marry off all girls aged 12 years and over. Terror is widespread.

Source: Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin

Bordering Niger State and the Federal Capital Territory to the south is the geographically strategic state of Kogi.

Terror attacks are escalating across Kogi as ‘bandits’ and Fulani herdsmen target churches and Christian academics in killings and kidnappings.

It is widely believed that Boko Haram has forged an alliance with ‘bandits’ and Fulani herdsmen and are arming and supporting them to further their own jihadist agenda.

Let us pray.

  • Ask the Lord to intervene in Nigeria to end corruption, facilitate security, and bring perpetrators to justice.
  • Pray that many will Nigerians come to the Lord, including many who currently oppose the Gospel. Pray the church will be revived and strengthened.
  • Ask God to protect, comfort and sustain all those Christians currently living under Boko Haram rule or in areas of escalating terror.