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Two church workers in Nigeria have recently been killed by militants in separate incidents. Eunice Elisha was murdered in the early hours of 9 July near Nigeria’s capital of Abuja. The 42-year-old mother of seven had gone out to preach as usual, her husband Pastor Olawale told local media.

Eunice is described by her surviving husband as a zealous Christian who “rarely missed a day in church.” When asked how he felt about the attack, Olawale replied, “I see Eunice as a martyr who died for Christ. Whether the people are caught or not, they should be forgiven.” Police have since arrested six suspects, and will be continuing with their investigation.

Eunice’s case represents only one of several attacks targeting Christians in recent weeks. Reverend Joseph Kura, a pastor of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) in Obi town (located within Nigeria’s central State of Nasarawa), was killed on 30 June by suspected armed Fulani herdsmen.

Rev Joseph was accompanied by three other people when he went to his farm at about 7pm to cut down trees for roofing wood. As the group arrived at the farm, two armed men suddenly appeared from behind them. Rev Joseph’s severely mutilated body was later recovered from the scene. He leaves behind a wife and seven children.

Source: World Watch Monitor

Prayer Points

  • May the families and friends of these faithful servants be greatly comforted with God’s promises of being reunited with them and with our Lord in the next life.
  • Intercede for the perpetrators that they may also come to personally know the Lord and His saving grace.
  • Pray the church in Nigeria will be unified and may witness for the Gospel by loving and forgiving their persecutors; pray the Gospel will spread throughout the land.

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