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Fulani herdsmen continued their string of attacks early on Saturday 23 March, starting with three young Christian siblings returning home from a community feast.

Fulani herdsmen beat, raped and killed a 19-year-old Christian woman while her younger sister and brother were able to escape. Though the two youngest were able to return home, they did so with gunshot and machete wounds. The herdsmen then travelled to the family’s hometown, Mante village, where 17 homes were burned.

Continuing their onslaught, the Fulani pushed on towards another predominately Christian town, Nidan village, where they burned 11 more homes. Four churches had their building or property destroyed between the two attacks. As a result, hundreds of displaced Christians fled to Akwanga.

The burden of caring for these individuals now falls to those in the town of Akwanga. One pastor called on the local government to supply relief as the town attempts to adapt to the newcomers.

The attacks by Fulani herdsmen have wide-reaching effects. The Christians in the attacked towns suffer immensely under their violent hand and their suffering continues long after the incident as they mourn the loss of loved ones and attempt to rebuild their lives.

Those in neighbouring villages must adapt to the newly-displaced Christians and find ways to accommodate them in their town. Those in Nasarawa are hopeful that they will receive aid from the government to help mitigate their struggle, though they are a long way from returning to normal life.

Sources: Morning Star News, International Christian Concern

  • Commit to the Lord all those who are mourning, injured, displaced or in need.
  • Pray the Christian communities will reach out to their suffering brothers and sisters to help care for and provide for them.
  • Pray the Christians will in no way retaliate but instead, by God’s grace, love their enemies and pray for them.

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