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John Yakubu, a Nigerian Christian, was tortured by Boko Haram terrorists recently for refusing to convert to Islam.

After surviving multiple attacks by Boko Haram in the Gwoza area, the 43-year-old believer had escaped with his family to a refugee camp in Cameroon. Unable to feed his family, he returned home to sell some of his animals.

When members of Boko Haram saw him enter his house, they captured him and demanded that he convert to Islam or suffer the consequences. John refused to convert, so the terrorists tied him to a tree and cut both of his hands with large knives. When they again demanded that he convert to Islam, he replied that they could kill only his body. The terrorists continued to cut him on the head, back and legs, finally leaving him to bleed to death.

John was later rescued and taken to a hospital. Speaking to a VOM contact, he said, “I have forgiven the Islamic militants because they did not know what they were doing.”

Source: Voice of the Martyrs USA

Prayer Points

  • Thank the Lord for John’s extraordinary courage and faithfulness to stand firm. Thank the Lord too for the grace He has given John to enable him to forgive his attackers.
  • Pray John’s ordeal will not be in vain but the Lord may use this testimony to help others know and understand our Lord.
  • Pray the Lord will protect, preserve and provide for Christians in Nigeria and surrounding nations; may they see His Miraculous hand at work.