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Fulani militants have continued their killing spree in north and central Nigeria with a brutal attack on a Baptist village in Kaduna last Tuesday night.

Seventeen people died in a midnight raid on Gonan Rogo village, near Makyali – including a married couple and their three children.

Villagers were asleep when Fulani set upon them with guns and knives. Seven children were among the dead. Six people were injured, including a baby whose skull was penetrated by a bullet that killed her mother.

The attackers met with no resistance, despite the presence of a military checkpoint nearby.

Sources: Stefanos Foundation, Release International

  • Pray for the shocked and grieving villagers in Gonan Rogo. Pray they will look to the Lord and seek His ministering presence, comfort and strength.
  • Uphold the injured as they come to terms with their ordeal. Pray they will be provided with appropriate medical care and with the Lord’s help, receive complete healing.
  • Ask God to give state and national authorities wisdom and firm resolve to end a crisis that has continued for years. Pray for the perpetrators.

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