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Christians in northwest Nigeria are living in terror after receiving letters threatening death unless they close their churches, sources said.

A police spokesman said Zamfara State Police have beefed up security at churches and increased intelligence-gathering in response to the letters that warn Christians will be killed or kidnapped if places of worship are not shut down.

“There’s fear and panic here since the letter was received.” Mary Ibrahim, a resident of Gussau, the Zamfara state

capital, reported. “Christians no longer find it easy to attend fellowship and Bible Study programmes in churches.”

Police said they are trying to determine who sent the letters, while area residents suspect Islamic extremists among Fulani herdsmen or members of Boko Haram.

“A letter was sent to our churches warning that the Christians must close down churches, or we’ll be attacked,” Ayuba Matthew, also of Gussau said.

“We are worried that these Fulani terrorists will carry out their threats, as they’re now in complete control of the rural areas of Zamfara state.”

Many Christians in Zamfara are staying away from church meetings, while others are moving out of the state, residents said.

Source: Morning Star News

Let us pray.

  • Ask God to frustrate the plans of the perpetrators. Pray these threats will be thwarted.
  • Pray for the authorities trying to ascertain who is responsible; ask for God’s leading.
  • Pray the Christians will be strengthened in their faith. Pray the Lord will be their shield and protector.
  • Pray too for church leaders in the area, as they encourage their church members in the faith.