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Below is a project update from one of our mission partners re: emergency funds Voice of the Martyrs Australia recently sent to Nigeria.

Last week two regions close to our mission had villages burnt and people killed. One of our staff lost a nephew. The attacks displaced about 6,000 people.

The attacks seem mainly to be about land, competition between grazing and cropping. We informed Voice of the Martyrs and they immediately released $15,000 as emergency help.

This Tuesday, 48 personnel from our mission went to one of the regions, to three displaced persons camps, and gave out food, medical care and Bibles. We had a team of doctors, nurses and lab attendants, who ran tests and prescribed and gave out medicines. Our counsellors prayed with people and helped them with trauma and with understanding how we can respond to the violence.

We are also helping the second region that was attacked, by paying hospital bills for some of the wounded and taking food to homes, where displaced people are boarding. Some of the people have begun returning to their villages. The mission team stayed late into the night serving the sick. They did an excellent job and they loved the experience.

What does God teach? What is the point of the cross, of our believing? It is that if God can humble himself and serve, and not retaliate against those who hated him, then we can do the same. The cross defines our discipleship, defines leadership, and defines our fellowship with each other and our identity in the world.

Love in Jesus, from the whole team. Thank you for praying and thank you for supporting.