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Nine-year-old Clarissa Angeline was at church one day in Indonesia when an explosion took place in their church building injuring her and severely injuring her mother who spent three months recovering in hospital.

On Sunday 13 May, Clarissa and her mother left for their church service at 6am as they do every week. During the service, Clarissa went upstairs to the children’s ministry to visit a friend and at that moment, a bomb exploded in the building.

“The sound was so great, like a balloon blew up and I suddenly felt dizzy. I prayed that God would protect my mum and me during the explosion”.

Clarissa was hospitalised for just a day while her mother spent three months there recovering from severe burns covering her entire body. She is now home and on the road to recovery but now fears returning to church in case there is a retaliation attack.

Clarissa says she knows God is still good even though this happened to her and her mother.

“Jesus has died for me and it is enough because I still love Him and I’m not angry at Him”.

Clarissa’s dream is to one day become a surgeon so she can help many people.

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