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On a recent visit to Korea, I visited a facility which receives defectors from North Korea and ‘reprograms’ them for life in a Western country like South Korea. There, I was struck by the lack of basic skills of the defectors, which we in the West take for granted. Skills like using a toilet or turning on an electric kettle to make coffee. Most of the men at the facility had never met or seen a Westerner, and because of this they were fascinated by us. As we attended a church service, they watched our every move and mimicked whatever we did.

For many defectors, knowing Jesus is the motivation to leave North Korea as they seek to find somewhere they can practise their faith freely. Others have no faith when defecting, but through the work of VOM’s contacts, have an opportunity to hear the Gospel and put their faith in Christ. This is mainly thanks to your support which makes programs we run in South Korea for those defectors possible, like our underground university.

Many North Koreans tell us the current talks with the West are just a farce, they do not trust Kim Jong Un as too many promises have been broken in the past. The activities of our office in South Korea are under constant scrutiny as a result of the North Koreans complaining about the work we do in reaching their afflicted people for Christ. The feeling amongst local South Koreans is that their government is too lenient with Kim Jong Un.

However, the Lord is blessing our efforts in reaching North Koreans with the Gospel and for those who come to know Jesus, their life of despair in a worldly system which has brought only misery and discontent, gives way to a hope in HIM!

It is interesting that the North Korean authorities go to enormous lengths to try to stamp out Christianity, how fearful they must be of the Word of God. The name of Jesus is powerful.

God bless you.

Tony Benjamin