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Representatives from North and South Korea recently held discussions in the demilitarised zone between the two countries.

Representatives from North and South Korea recently held discussions in the demilitarised zone between the two countries.

A landmine on the border of South Korea badly injured two soldiers earlier this month, sparking a series of broadcasts including news, weather reports and pop music into North Korea in an apparent retaliation. (Source: BBC News)

There has been great tension between North and South Korea since the 1950s and a resolution in the near future seems unlikely. However, on 25 August an agreement was reached between the two countries, with North Korea agreeing to pull back troops deployed to the frontline and the South stopping the broadcasts.

North Koreans live in isolation from the rest of the world and are led to believe that they live in the richest and best country in the world. In reality, they are starving to death both physically and spiritually.

The broadcasts by the South Korean government highlighted the fact that North Koreans are being deceived, but what they didn’t convey was the most important news that they are being deceived spiritually as well. North Koreans need Jesus, but getting the Gospel into such a closed country is very difficult. If a person is found with a Bible or if a Westerner is caught in North Korea they will be imprisoned or executed. Normal methods of evangelism are not an option so we have to be creative.

One creative way Voice of the Martyrs is spreading the Gospel into North Korea is through balloon and sea launches. Bibles and other Christian materials are sent into North Korea via air or sea. It takes careful thought and planning to choose the best times to launch these packs and GPS trackers are attached to some bundles to verify where they land. I was recently able to take part in a balloon launch and it was an incredible experience. Knowing that these Bibles could potentially be in the hands of North Koreans within hours was very exciting.

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Preparing the balloon to launch.

Preparing the balloon to launch.

Hydrogen tanks arrive, waiting for night time before launching.

Hydrogen tanks arrive. Waiting for night time before launching.










Christians have not stopped broadcasting the Gospel in North Korea and will continue because we submit to a higher authority. Please join me in praying for North Koreans and for the Gospel to continue to advance in this extremely restricted and volatile country.
Jono Fox | Youth Director

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