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North Korea has sentenced a South Korean missionary to hard labour for life, after he was convicted of spying and setting up an underground church.

According to a report from the BBC, the state news agency said the man, named as Kim Jong-uk, had confessed to all his crimes.

Pyongyang is still holding another missionary, US citizen Kenneth Bae, who received 15 years hard labour in 2013.

The prosecution had reportedly been seeking a death sentence for the 50-year-old missionary. The ruling comes three months after Kim read aloud a public apology on North Korean TV for his ‘anti-state crimes.’

He was arrested after crossing into the country from China last October.

Sources: Assist News Service, BBC World

Prayer Points

  • Please pray the Lord will provide strength and courage to Kim Jong-uk, Kenneth Bae and all believers in prison in North Korea; pray that in spite of their circumstances, they will not despair but will rely on Him.
  • Pray the motives and testimony of Kim Jong-uk will be made known so that the light of the Gospel may pierce the darkness of this nation.
  • Ask the Lord to bring about true change in this nation with the opportunity for many to place their faith in Him.