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Our Bibles Plus project runs from March to May every year. The project was launched in 2012, for the purpose of providing holistic care to persecuted believers. In many restricted nations, persecution and poverty go hand in hand. Equipping believers with God’s Word helps them to stand firm in their faith in the midst of trials and suffering. Providing additional essentials such as noodles, rice, oil, hygiene items and blankets, is an additional blessing of practical love and care for struggling families.

In 2020, Bibles Plus packs were more vital than ever. While typical forms of persecution continued, the pandemic brought additional struggles for Christians in some restricted nations. Christians were often among the first to lose their jobs and in some countries were denied government provided aid. We received many requests for help.

Thanks to our supporters, VOM workers and partner ministries distributed packs to more than 3,600 families in Pakistan, Iran, China, Philippines, India and Myanmar.

This year, VOM Australia hopes to distribute Bibles Plus packs to persecuted believers in China, Iran, Pakistan, Myanmar, Philippines and India.

For only $30 you can bless a struggling family with a Bibles Plus pack in 2021.

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