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Project-Icons1Bibles and Literature
This fund helps VOM print and smuggle Bibles in their own language to believers who reside in restricted nations, which often deny them access to Bibles. This includes producing New Testaments and complete Bibles in both print and digital formats, Bible commentaries and Bible study material, MP3 and MP4 players and inspirational Christian training material.


Project-Icons5Front Line Ministry
This ministry fund directly assists pastors, evangelists and full-time Christian workers who courageously minister in the face of hostility and persecution. It includes provision to support underground Bible colleges, leadership training, evangelism resources, computers, transportation, small business equipment, pastor support programs and equipping churches with resources.


Project-Icons3Families of Martyrs
We provide financial assistance for families of Christian martyrs and prisoners until they can find alternative means of support, prison visitation trips, education and orphanages for children impacted by persecution, micro businesses, training programs and safe houses for Christians whose lives are in danger.


We provide medical assistance for Christians who have been injured through a direct case of persecution. Assistance for hospital check-ups for released prisoners, surgery, all prescriptions and medicines, prosthetics, specialised counselling and long-term rehabilitation.


Help for the Persecuted Church
Supports the Australian office activities and local initiatives to raise awareness about the persecuted church; also used to fund project shortfalls and emergency projects for persecuted Christians.

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