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One very important commitment that VOM honours is to set up training conferences for pastors and leaders in Mindanao. These training conferences are well attended and normally run for a three day period, where delegates gather for specialised teaching that will equip them for their Ministry.

Last year, VOM Australia, in partnership with VOM USA, led two three-day conferences which proved to be a tremendous encouragement for the delegates who attended. The subject was ‘The Theology of Persecution,’ as requested by the senior leadership in the Philippines, and the Old and the New Testament were explored in detail which encouraged the delegates on how to live victoriously today.

“Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution” 2 Timothy 3:12.

During the conference there were workshops where valuable discussion times allowed the delegates to share their thoughts with one another. Prayer and worship also featured strongly at the conference.

Delegates were asked to comment on the conference.

“All parts of the lessons of this conference were best for me because it strengthens me and encourages me to do the work with joy because God is with me. I am not alone. We long for the next conference next year. God bless you.” “I appreciate all of the speakers in the lessons they shared. I’m also thankful for the outline that was given to me to help me understand. It’s my prayer that I may be able to attend again.”“The speakers’ lectures were very understandable and very encouraging messages. For me I hope and pray that I will be able to attend again next year as we as ministers are tremendously encouraged and updated about the Ministry of the Lord in all places around the world. Lastly, through this conference it gives more knowledge and techniques on how we can manage our Ministry and how we can face suffering and persecution that happens in our churches.”At the end of the conference the delegates were given a wide range of Christian literature and multimedia DVDs to help them in their ministry. One book that encouraged many was The Triumphant Church, which was featured in one of the lectures by a speaker. In the book, Pastor Richard Wurmbrand shares his experiences with the readers, which is very inspiring and encouraging to the pastors and leaders.

Please pray that these conferences are seen as an investment in training for those ministering in these persecuted nations.