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Maria Sarfraz, 11, was abducted from the town of Distt, Sheikupora and gang raped multiple times.

Her father, Sarfraz Andrew, went to the police station and registered a First Investigation Report on 25 April. The girl was recovered after three days and a medical report declared the she had been forcefully raped for three uninterrupted days. Local police arrested Muhammad Safdar and Muhammad Mehboob.

Like previous cases, the perpetrators of this crime are threatening violence against the Christian family in an attempt to keep them from obtaining justice. The rapists have demanded that the Christian family settle the matter out of court or else they will start a riot in town and burn down all the Christian homes.

This case only continues to highlight the suffering of Christians in Pakistan.

Sources: International Christian Concern, Pakistan Christian Post

Prayer Points

  • Ask the Lord to minister to Maria, to heal her and help her to overcome her pain, fear and humiliation. Pray she and her family will rest in the knowledge that the Good Shepherd walks with them through this difficult time (Psalm 23).
  • Pray the Lord will grant the family justice; pray the actions of these men will not be tolerated. Pray the Lord will raise up fearless men and women to speak out against this kind of targeted violence.
  • Ask God to protect young Christian women in Pakistan.