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Nineteen-year-old Maria Bibi is fighting a court battle after her Islamic classmate, Mohammad Zohaib, forcibly converted her to Islam and married her.

“I am not married with Mohammad Zohaib, he is telling a lie in court, he tried to convert me forcefully to Islam and got married with me in mosque against my will, and this marriage I do not accept,” Maria Bibi told AsiaNews.

On 5 August, Mohammad, 20, asked Maria to study with him, but instead brought her to a mosque, where he recited the Islamic marriage formula (Nikkah) in the presence of a Muslim religious leader, forcibly converting her to Islam. After a few days, Maria succeeded in escaping. He has since tried to kidnap her several times and threatened the girl’s parents.

On 3 October Mohammad filed a complaint against the girl’s parents, and the next day they appeared before the judges to testify. At the young woman’s rejection, the young Muslim withdrew the complaint, only to file it again on 13 October. Maria has filed a counter-complaint, in which she claims to have been forced to marry Mohammad and that she will not convert to Islam.

Source: International Christian Concern, Asia News

Prayer points

  • Ask the Lord to grant justice and protection to Maria and her family.
  • Pray that Maria’s faith will remain firm as she endures and recovers from her ordeal.
  • Pray Mohammad Zohaib will receive the Living Word of Christ for salvation.