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A Christian man in Pakistan was allegedly poisoned and killed by a group of radical Muslims for defending his sister from harassment, which has sparked demands for justice. 

Arif Masih, 32, was beaten, kidnapped, poisoned and abandoned on the street in the Muslim-majority Tariqabad village of the Punjab province on 23 May.

Earlier in the week, two young men dragged his sister into the street and stripped her naked after following her home from the store and breaking into the home.

Sources: The Christian Post, Asia News, UCAN

They fought her brother, Arif Masih, who filed a complaint against Muhammad Tariq and Muhammad Majid, the two men who harassed his sister on 20 May. The men were not arrested.

Masih was reportedly threatened for not dropping the complaint and was attacked by the perpetrators three days later. The perpetrators allegedly loaded Masih on their motorcycle, beat him, poisoned him and threw him into the street. He was taken to the hospital but did not survive his injuries.

Pakistani Christians organised a protest to demand justice.

The Pakistani criminal justice system often discriminates against religious, racial and ethnic minorities. False accusations of blasphemy in Pakistan, mainly targeting Christians and other minority faiths, are widespread due to religious hatred. Under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, people accused of insulting Islam or its prophet Muhammad can face life in prison or be sentenced to death. In addition to the nation’s often-abused blasphemy laws, Christian girls are especially at risk of abduction and rape. 

Let us pray.

  • Pray for justice for the sake of Arif Masih’s family and the local Christian community. Ask the Lord for His protection to be upon the family. Pray too that His ministering Spirit will comfort them in their time of shock and grief, especially his sister.
  • Pray for the church in Pakistan, may it be strengthened to withstand the persistent discrimination, bullying and targeted attacks.
  • Pray too for the government in Pakistan that they will seek justice and govern with wisdom and compassion.