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A Pakistani Christian man who was shot by his Muslim neighbour for buying a house in a Muslim area has died.

Nadeem Joseph was admitted to hospital after being attacked in Peshawar, but died on 29 June after multiple surgeries.

Nadeem and his mother-in-law Elizabeth Masih were set upon by Salman Khan and his sons a few days after Nadeem bought a house in Swati Phatak, TV Colony in Peshawar on 4 June.

Despite several members of Khan‘s family being arrested in connection with the incident, he still remains on the run, and the police are hunting him.

In a video message, Nadeem claimed Khan had been harassing him since the day he moved to the colony.

Nadeem said Khan repeatedly called them derogatory terms, and badly damaged the doors of their house, even asking them to leave the area.

Khan claimed the neighbourhood was for Muslims only, and a Christian family did not belong there.

Source: CLAAS-UK

  • Pray for the family mourning the loss of Nadeem. Ask God for wisdom in dealing with the authorities about this case and making plans for the future.
  • Pray for justice for the family.
  • Ask God to bring good from this terrible loss, for the family, the community and even for the perpetrators.

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