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A 17-year-old Christian boy has been arrested for sharing blasphemous content on Facebook. The alleged incident, led to a violent mob which drove Masih’s family and other Christians from their village.

Patras Masih, an illiterate cleaner from Tair village in Lahore is said to have posted images of himself standing on a Mosque’s dome – considered deeply disrespectful in Islam. The disputed incident dates back to January, and it is believed that the posting occurred at a time when Masih’s phone had gone missing – his supporters saying the photo had been mocked up during this time.

They claim that Masih had posted blasphemous content was pursued online by a local cleric. Finally, after one month, a mob assembled outside his home – thought to be led by supporters of the radical Islamist party Tehreek-e-Labaiak.

They threw bricks and threatened to burn Christian homes if Masih wasn’t arrested, calling for his beheading. In the end, the boy presented himself to local police and is currently in custody. Masih’s father is also said to have handed himself in, following the riots.

A fact-finding team from Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS), led by its director Joseph Francis, visited the area shortly after the initial incident. They found the entire Christian community had deserted their homes. Mr Francis also managed to speak to family members, offering them sanctuary and legal assistance.

Source: CLAAS

  • Pray for Patras Masih and his father as they await to hear if they will face charges.
  • Ask for the protection of Masih’s family and all the other local Christians who have been forced to flee.
  • Pray that this incident will begin to gain more media attention and spark further outrage, forcing further discussion about the misuse of the laws in Pakistan.