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After fleeing domestic abuse, Aansa Bibi took a job as a house cleaner for a Muslim family. Her employer’s daughters enjoyed listening to Aansa sing Christian worship songs, but the girls’ aunt cautioned her brother about allowing an infidel Christian to work in their home.

When Aansa’s employer told her she must accept Islam if she wanted to keep her job, Aansa replied that she could never leave Jesus Christ. The next day, her employer sent her to a friend’s house, where she was beaten, raped and locked in a room to “teach her a lesson”.

After two days, Aansa escaped and found refuge in a women’s shelter. But while staying at the shelter, Aansa’s ex-husband kidnapped her children, and her Muslim employer is still looking for her.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray for Aansa’s emotional, physical and spiritual recovery. Pray she feels the Lord’s presence with her as she comes to terms with all she has suffered, including this current trial.
  • Ask the Lord to reunite her with her children. Commit to the Lord their care and protection during the separation.
  • Ask God, our great provider to make available to Aansa, a suitable employment opportunity which will allow her to support herself and provide for her children.

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