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Hina Mukhtar, 22, was kidnapped by a Muslim man who was helping her family with the issuing of a government pension of her deceased father.

Hina’s mother, Abida Mukhtar who lives in Ucha Pind Narang District Sheikhupura, reported that on 18 February when she was away from home Nisar Jogi kidnapped her daughter.

According to Abida, her neighbours Javed Masih and Ashraf Masih told her that Nisar Jogi had kidnapped Hina using a white van. They said Nisar was forcefully pushing Hina into the van while two others were sitting in the vehicle.

Abida is a widow and has six children – 4 daughters and 2 sons. Hina is the eldest. Abida’s husband Mukhtar was a retired army personnel, he died two years ago of a heart attack. Abida had asked Jogi, a Muslim neighbour to help organise the transfer of her husband’s pension to her name. He had informed her that as he was working for The National Database & Registration Authority, he knew people who could organise it quickly.

Abida said the police station in Narang District Sheikhupura registered a case against Jogi and his companions on 22 February, under section 365B but the police have neither recovered her daughter nor arrested the kidnappers.

Sources: Pak Christian News, CLAAS-UK

Let us pray.

  • Ask the Lord to intervene and be Hina’s rescuer. Pray He will minister to the whole family and help them to endure this time of great suffering and uncertainty.
  • Pray the authorities will take this case and others like it seriously, to do all they can to protect the vulnerable and ensure justice for victims and their families.
  • Pray for the many other girls and young women like Hina who have been kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam.