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A few days ago, we heard from one of our contacts in Pakistan:

“The situation in Pakistan is quite bad and I expect it could be much worse in the coming days.  I am worried about the Christians as their economic condition is already bad and because of this COVID-19 situation and lockdown in the country, many will be suffering. The Pakistani Prime Minister said there are some chances that many people may die because of starvation, and the majority of these may be Christians. Because Christians do the menial jobs, working on daily wages, if they have no work, they will have no money to buy food.”

The Pakistani government is providing food aid amid the COVID-19 crisis however, several reports have emerged of Christians and other minority groups being denied the assistance, due to their religious identity.

Last week we sent much needed funds to our contact in Pakistan to help our brothers and sisters, who desperately need food.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all who have given to our Bibles Plus appeal so far. Through your generosity, we are bringing spiritual comfort and essential food items to vulnerable Christians.

There is still time to give to Christians in restrictions nations, where Christians may be denied humanitarian aid, making them even more vulnerable amid this global crisis .

If you would like to financially support our Bibles Plus project, please go to:

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