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Christians in Pakistan have petitioned the Supreme Court to end discrimination against religious minorities in Pakistan’s educational system.

Specifically, the petition calls on the court to remove hate speech riddled through textbooks against Pakistan’s religious minorities. So far, provincial governments have failed to remove the hate speech, which has taught almost a generation of Pakistanis to distrust and hate religious minorities.

If the hate speech is removed and religious minorities are shown to be equal citizens in Pakistan’s educational system, it will be another step towards religious tolerance the country desperately needs.

Source: International Christian Concern, Christian Today

Prayer Points

  • Pray that this petition will be successful in removing hate speech in school textbooks across Pakistan so that there may start to be significant changes in attitude towards religious minorities.
  • Pray that Pakistan will continue to make reforms toward religious tolerance and religious equality for Christians in Pakistan.
  • Pray the Lord will build His church in Pakistan in number and in faithfulness to Him.

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