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A church in Lahore has been warned that it will face further violence if it pursues legal action related to an earlier attack.

Please pray for our Christian family in Lahore where Pastor Riaz John and his congregation in Fazlia colony face a tough choice. A contact of our partner organisation Release International described the situation as “very serious and tense.”

The troubles in the area began on Sunday during the church service. A Muslim neighbour called the police, protesting against noise levels at the church. Officers raided the service, insulting and beating Pastor Riaz and scattering the contents of the church.

When local Christians mounted a street protest, a senior police officer urged the church to take legal action against the neighbour and his police colleagues.

Furious, local Muslims have threatened to burn the church and attack Christians if they press charges.

Source: Release International

Prayer Points
• Please pray for wisdom and courage for Pastor Riaz and his church.
• Pray that peace and grace will prevail so that tensions between local Christians and Muslims will subside.
• Pray that Christians in Fazlia colony will know God’s protection and be a powerful witness to His love and mercy.

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