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Asif Pervaiz has been in prison since 2013. He was accused of sending blasphemous text messages by a Muslim man who had unsuccessfully attempted to convert Asif to Islam.

Asif had lost his sim card, which this Muslim man somehow managed to obtain. Blasphemous texts were sent from this sim card, incriminating Asif. In September 2020 he was given the death penalty.

Source: Release International

Currently, it’s very difficult for brother Asif; he is in a very small cell that he shares with two Muslims. These two men are creating problems for him which makes it difficult for him to read the Bible and sleep. However, in his time in prison, he has read the New Testament nine times.

Asif remains concerned about his wife and children as they are finding life difficult without him. The family have had to move and they are struggling to pay rent and school fees for the children.

His wife Marylin visits Asif every month and is asking God’s people to pray for her husband to be free and for their safety.

Let us pray.

  • Pray the Lord’s ministering presence will be upon Asif, Marylin and their children. Pray they will see the Lord’s merciful hand at work in their daily lives so that they will not despair but continue to trust in Him during this trying time.
  • Pray the Lord will give Asif wisdom and grace in his dealings with his fellow prisoners. Thank the Lord for the opportunity for him to read God’s Word while in prison. Pray for an increase of faith.
  • Echo Marylin’s prayers for her husband, that the Lord may ensure his release soon and that in the meantime, the family will be protected.