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Christian brothers Qaiser and Amoon, who were charged under the blasphemy law and were already on death row in Pakistan, have had their conviction upheld by the Pakistani High Court.

You may recall that we shared Qaiser and Amoon’s story last month. To read this story, please follow the link:

The brothers have been in detention since 2014 and their appeal has been pending before the Lahore Bench High Court in Rawalpindi since 2018.

Giving their verdict on 8 June, the court confirmed the death sentence for the brothers.

On behalf of the Christian brothers, CLAAS (Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement) submitted an appeal to the Lahore High Court against their death sentence.

According to CLAAS, when Amoon learned about the court’s decision, he “burst into tears”, and his brother, Qaisar, “became very sad”.

“Both brothers were looking weak as they are already suffering from health issues,” said Nasir Saeed, the director of CLAAS-UK.

“We have visited the brothers in prison and Qaiser has signed the power of attorney,” Saeed added. “We are taking this case before the supreme court and hope the country’s highest court will do justice for them and God willing, they will be freed.”

Sources: CLAAS, The Christian Post

Please Pray

  • Pray for peace and courage over the brothers and their families as they process this news.
  • Pray that the lawyers at CLAAS will be equipped to represent the brothers in the supreme court.
  • Pray that Qaiser and Amoon will be acquitted of the death sentence and that their health issues will be addressed quickly upon their release.