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On Sunday 29 August, a Muslim mob tried to forcibly stop Christians of Tibba Sultan, Vehari, from attending the inauguration ceremony of a newly constructed church.

According to Baber Shaukat a social activist, when the Christians were preparing for Sunday service, a Muslim mob gathered around the church and told the congregation they could not use this church for worship.

Source: CLAAS-UK

Members of the congregation called the police helpline number once students from the nearby Madrassah (Muslim seminary) also started joining the mob. The large group of around 300 to 400 people, were infuriated and insisted on the removal of the cross from the church and for the front elevation of the church to resemble a normal house.

The inspector at the police station told the Christians, they had not informed him of the church’s construction earlier and suggested they remove the cross from the church for the time being, and they could try and reach a resolution later.

The cross was removed and Pastor Rafaqat Yaqoob, lead the service in this newly constructed Church.

The land for the church was bought by a brick kiln owner Mahar Yaseen whose wife likes the Christian people, however the church of Nazreen supported the construction of the church.

Shaukat further said, it is a Muslim dominated area and only a few Christian families are living around this church. He said that Imam Qaiser Sheikh and Allah Rakha, a labourer at the brick kiln were involved in causing the unrest.

Let us pray.

  • Pray these Christians may not be fearful but will continue to meet and encourage one another in the faith.
  • Pray for Pastor Rafaqat Yaqoob as he leads his congregation. Pray for boldness and also protection against targeted opposition.
  • Pray the Lord may use the presence of the church as a strong witness for the Gospel in this Muslim-dominated area.