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Five men have been sentenced to death for their part in the mob killing of a Christian couple.

Shahzad Masih and Shama Bibi had been falsely accused of desecrating a copy of the Koran and breaking Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws.

More than 400 people took part in the lynching, which took place in the town of Kot Radha Kishan in Punjab.

The brutal attack, which happened in 2014, saw the couple tortured and finally burned alive. Shama Bibi was thought to be pregnant when they were murdered.

The five people handed the death sentence by the court were involved in dragging, beating and burning the couple, and were also said to have gathered the larger mob of many hundreds and inciting them to violence using a mosque’s PA system.

The killing drew international condemnation.

Handing down the death sentence for such a killing is unprecedented in Pakistan as police are afraid to confront mob violence, not wanting to anger militant Islamists.

Source: CLAAS

Prayer Points

  • Thank the Lord for this outcome and pray the remaining perpetrators will be dealt with justly. Pray they will be given an opportunity to repent and ask the Lord’s forgiveness.
  • Pray this case will be used by the Lord to further draw attention to the misuse of Pakistan’s flawed blasphemy laws. Commit to God the many victims of the blasphemy laws who are currently languishing in jail.
  • Pray for the couple’s three children, currently being cared for by relatives. May they grow in faith and strength and be encouraged to embrace the faith of their parents.