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Two armed motorcyclists opened fire on St Peter’s Church and High School in the Township area of Lahore on the afternoon of 24 March.

The gunmen were repelled by police security but two passers-by were injured in the incident.

‘Thanks to the rapid response of the police, the students remain safe, but after this incident people of the locality have become frightened,’ said a Release International partner.

On 15 March two churches in the Youhannabad Christian colony in the city were bombed. Two Muslims were killed at the hands of a mob incensed by the attack and as a result, a large number of Christian youths were arrested. According to reports, some may have been mistreated in police custody.

‘Christians and churches are not safe in Pakistan,’ the Release International partner said. ‘After Youhannabad these incidents are increasing day by day and Christians are under threat.’

Sources: Release International, Release partner

Prayer Points

  • Please continue to pray for calm in Lahore, for protection for Christians in the city and throughout Pakistan and that the authorities would act with fairness and justice.
  • Pray the Christians in the area will have a genuine desire to follow the words of Jesus to love and forgive their persecutors and to pray for them.
  • Ask the Lord to strengthen the church and spur them on, trusting in His purposes and acknowledging His promises. Pray the church will grow through the witness of the Christians and the work of the Holy Spirit.