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Pakistan prosecutes anyone who is seen to be insulting Islam, with the resulting penalty of life in prison or a death sentence. It is claimed that judges in smaller courts in Pakistan are too afraid to let Christians go free in blasphemy cases due to the threat from extremists.

Sajid Christopher Paul, President and Executive Director of Human Friends Organisation has said more needs to be done to make judges feel secure, “Judges in the low courts do not have as much security as the High Court and the Supreme Court. The lawyers and everyone involved in cases such as this say that they don’t have the same security so they don’t make the bold decisions.”

Christopher Paul went on “The Supreme Court can make daring decisions like the acquittal of Asia Bibi because they have high-level security.”

Recently, Christian man Asif Pervaiz was sentenced to death after he allegedly sent blasphemous text messages to a work colleague. Pervaiz says his sim card was stolen and messages were forged after he refused to convert to Islam.

Christopher Paul said, “The reason for cases like this is intolerance about co-existence. Christians are falsely accused. I’ve never seen a Christian commit blasphemy because of our teachings of peace and tolerance but they are always falsely accused.”

Analysis of legal data shows that over the past 30 years there is a Christian victim of these laws in Pakistan every six weeks.

Sources: Premier Christian News, Australian Prayer Network

  • Pray against this very real threat of targeted violence towards those who defend and advocate for Christians and others who have been accused of blasphemy.
  • Pray the authorities will do more to ensure justice for those who have been falsely accused. Pray the laws will be changed or revoked entirely.
  • Pray for Asif, that the Lord will walk with him and his family during this uncertain and difficult time. Pray for the Lord’s favour to be upon Asif and ask for his release.

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