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The Multan High Court has ordered the release on bail of Ahmed Raza, the Muslim student arrested for killing Sharoon Masih, 17, his classmate of Christian faith.

The latter was beaten to death after being found “guilty” of drinking from the same water dispenser as fellow Muslims. According to the judges, there was no clear evidence collected to attest to the guilt of the arrested person.

The victim’s family denounced the superficiality with which the police conducted the investigation to AsiaNews. Catholic sources also report the agents delayed the filing of the report as well as altering the evidence in the FIR (First Information Report), compromising the result of the investigation.

The autopsy exams presented in court excluded traces of torture and speak only of death by heart attack. “It was clear ─ says the source ─ that with all these gaps and in the absence of overwhelming evidence, the killer would be released. It is painful, because the Christian student was brutally killed.”

Sharoon was beaten to death on 30 August. Originally from Chak 461 village, Pakistani Punjab, he had been admitted to the public school of Burewala just a few days earlier. Razia Bibi, his mother, reports that her son was immediately targeted by Muslim classmates who had imposed a ban on drinking from the same water dispenser as them. But Sharoon disobeyed, and for this reason was beaten to death.

The High Court verdict has thrown the family of the victim and the whole Christian community into despair, which denounces a climate of religious discrimination.

The diocese of Multan has offered legal support to the Christian family and wants to appeal against the release.

Sources: AsiaNews, World Watch Monitor

  • Pray the Lord will ensure justice for the family of Sharoon Masih. Commit to the Lord the appeal, pray all the details of the case will be brought to light.
  • Ask the Lord to comfort the loved ones of Sharoon as they face the shock and disappointment of this new development.
  • Pray for Ahmed Raza and all those in Pakistan who violently oppose the Gospel. Pray the Holy Spirit may bring radical change.