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A young Christian girl, Agnes Shaukat, daughter of Shaukat Masih of Lahore Cantt, has been missing since 20 November.

Her family suspect her employer is involved. According to a rickshaw driver the family hired on a monthly basis to take her to and from a boutique where she was employed, he dropped her as usual in the morning, but when he went to pick her up in the evening, she never came out.

CCTV footage shows Agnes entering the boutique, but the footage of her leaving is missing.

Agnes’ father Shaukat and her brother Samuel took this matter to the police but instead of registering a case against the employer, Uzma, they registered a case against unknown people, as she is very influential.

Although the police seem cooperative, no actual efforts are being made to find Agnes.

Her parents are worried and suspect their daughter may have been kidnapped with the knowledge of her employer. The police have not questioned Uzma.

They also suspect she may have been forcibly married to a Muslim man and converted to Islam and fear they may never be able to see her again — something which frequently happens in Pakistan.

Source: Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement

Prayer Points

  • Pray the Lord will free Agnes and return her to her family; pray He may strengthen and comfort her during this ordeal.
  • Pray the Lord will give Agnes and her family a prayerful desire to be dependent on Him and to trust in His timing and purposes.
  • Pray the authorities in Pakistan will do more to project Christian girls from kidnappers and will pursue justice for affected families.

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