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A Christian man who lost his job after refusing to convert to Islam is currently in hiding after receiving death threats from local Muslims.

Asif, who was a valued supervisor at a garment factory, used to lead 10 co-workers in prayer before work every morning. In 2017, the factory owner approached him and told him to stop the prayers. Instead, Asif gave him a Bible to read so he could learn about Christianity. Several months later, the owner brought an Islamic cleric in to persuade Asif to accept Islam, but Asif refused.

Last year, the owner tried to force Asif to offer Muslim prayers with him, but Asif still did not give in. Finally, the owner gave him an ultimatum: Accept Islam or lose your job. Asif replied, “My God will provide me with everything,” and the owner fired him.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray for Asif and his family, that the Lord will encourage them in their faith and protect them from those who wish to cause them harm. Pray also that Asif will find a new job.
  • Pray that in the meantime, the family will see the Lord’s mighty and generous provision.
  • Thank the Lord for Asif’s faithfulness. Pray his witness in his former workplace may be powerfully used by God.

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