PAKISTAN: Pervaiz Masih Acquitted

A Pakistani lower court acquitted a Christian of blasphemy after a three-year trial – for lack of evidence against him.

Normally blasphemy cases are passed along to higher courts. However, on 19 January, a lower court judge accepted the application for acquittal, though allowing the complainants to re-open the case in the future.

While rejoicing over this ruling, Pervaiz Masih is still considered a blasphemer, leaving his life at risk from vigilantes.

Masih was accused of insulting the Prophet Mohammad during a dispute with a Muslim businessman. Since then, he and his family have suffered greatly. The accused man’s wife Zareena was severely beaten under interrogation by police, leaving her unable to walk or stand properly. Since she was physically unable to properly watch their young daughter, the couple’s three-year-old child wandered away and was later found drowned. The exact cause of the tragic drowning remains a mystery.

Sources: World Watch Monitor, The Voice Society

  • Commit to the Lord Masih and his wife. Pray God’s healing and protection may be upon them as they consider their future.
  • May God’s comforting presence sustain the couple as they come to terms with this difficult trial and continue to grieve over the loss of their daughter.
  • Intercede on behalf of the Pakistani government, that they will abandon their blasphemy laws, allowing freedom of religion for all their citizens.

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2 Responses to PAKISTAN: Pervaiz Masih Acquitted

  1. Julie Hennessey 8 February 2019 at 11:17 am #

    Pervaiz and Zareena Masih praying for you both stay strong in the Lord and although it is bittersweet now you will be reunited with your sweet child where there will be no more sorrow only joy in Jesus almighty name Amen.

  2. Janet Brumby 9 February 2019 at 2:43 pm #

    I certainly would not like to be in this brother’s shoes but as I read this Matthew 5:21-29 about ‘raca’ and agreeing quickly with your adversary came to mind. Also Luke 12:57-59.
    Our brother had an argument. Maybe he didn’t like to lose face but especially in that part of the world neither did the businessman! Better to graciously say “I do not agree with you so we’ll have to differ but thank you for your time” and then walk away quickly.

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