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Our brother Zafar is facing the prospect of spending the rest of his life behind bars in Pakistan over false accusations of blasphemy.

Zafar Bhatti, who is being held in Adyala Jail in Rawalpindi, was sentenced to life imprisonment in May, after he was accused of sending blasphemous text messages from his mobile phone. Five years on from his arrest, he insists he is innocent.

Zafar says there have been several attempts on his life in jail, including a near-fatal poisoning in 2013. His health has deteriorated, and he now suffers from a heart condition. He now hopes to take his case to appeal at the High Court.

Source: Release International

  • Uphold Zafar in prayer and ask God to comfort and sustain him. Pray for justice for Zafar and ask the Lord for his release.
  • Pray that God will uphold Zafar’s wife, Nawab Bibi. Pray for strength, protection and provision.
  • Ask God for justice on behalf of all those in Pakistan who have been persecuted through its notorious blasphemy laws.