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A Pakistani Christian woman named Elishba Bibi (28), who was three months pregnant, was stripped naked and beaten by two Muslim men in Sheikhupura, the same town Asia Bibi stems from, according to the British Pakistani Christian Association.

According to the BPCA report, the attack took place after she had an argument with two Muslim women who referred to her as an “untouchable.”

Two men, Muneeb and Mobeel Gondal, then decided to attack Elishba, as she had apparently argued with their mother and sister.

The BPCA report says: “They beat her with iron rods and sticks, leaving welts across her body, whilst they spat at her in disgust. The assailants were not satisfied with her public humiliation and stole 1,000 rupees ($12) from her, Elishba’s entire week’s wages, a gold necklace she was wearing, and her mobile phone.”

BPCA says a local group of Muslims watched the beating, laughing at the disgraced Christian. ‘They felt no remorse or pity and let her trudge home alone, trying to cover herself in what little had been left of her clothes, throwing stones at her for good measure,’ BPCA said.

“The attack was so brutal that Elishba Bibi has now miscarried and has been weeping constantly for the child she has lost.”

BPCA says local police have been accused of “fudging” the investigation deliberately in attempts to exonerate the perpetrators of the crime. “A protest outside the local police station had no effect, and police even tried to bully the Christians into ending their peaceful protest,” the group said.

The family of Elishba have received several threats from Muslims, telling them to drop the charges or face death, BPCA stated.

Source: Assist News Service

Prayer Points

  • Pray the Lord will comfort Elishba and her husband during their time of grief, pray also that he will take away any feelings of shame Elishba may be feeling (Isaiah 50:7).
  • Pray the authorities in the area will act justly. Pray many in the community will speak out against this and similar attacks.
  • Pray the Lord will protect the Christian community in Pakistan; ask Him to give them the faith and strength they need to not fear but boldly continue to follow him.