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Zafar Bhatti, accused of blasphemy under Pakistan’s 295C blasphemy law, was charged and jailed in July 2012, based on rumours that he insulted Mohammed’s mother in text messages.

Zafar worked selling medicines, and he often went door-to-door with his presentation. He also used those opportunities to share Christ in the various homes, reading the Bible and praying with families. He also established a small NGO called ‘Jesus World Mission’ whose purpose was to assist the poor.

In jail, Zafar has been beaten several times. Someone also tried to poison his food. Several of the Muslim prisoners pressure him, saying if he accepts Islam he will be forgiven.

Good news! Zafar Bhatti’s accuser has recanted. However, Zafar is not free yet. He cannot appear before the court and the judge because it’s too unsafe for him to travel from the jail to the courthouse. In Pakistan, those accused of blasphemy often face mob justice, even when they are exonerated by the court system. Instead, Zafar must wait until the judge and lawyers involved can arrange to visit him at the prison. This may take some time.

Source: Voice of the Martyrs USA

Prayer Points

  • Thank the Lord the truth has come to light, pray Zafar will not have to wait too long for freedom.
  • In the meantime pray the Lord will work through him to be the light of Christ to other prisoners.
  • Pray the Lord will protect him from those who may wish to harm him.